2019 square star amusement royal carriage

2019 - 08 - 19 09:07:09

amusement equipment royal carriage manufacturer of word of mouth good or bad determines the quality of its products choose public praise good manufacturer can reduce our investment risk. Some amusement equipment royal carriage manufacturer at a lower price to attract customers, but you get what you pay for, the manufacturer may be on the product quality can't compare with other factory. Can choose to have a certain awareness of the brand, amusement equipment, children's amusement equipment from the royal carriage manufacturers need is novel, amusement equipment, consumers in the royal carriage are all the children, make family amusement equipment royal carriage to make money, first of all, amusement equipment, royal carriage must be able to attract the children play, children like bright colors, style novel amusement equipment, so one can be customized according to customer requirements amusement equipment royal carriage manufacturer is very important.

according to the market demand is now my company introduced a ice land amphibious children's toy car - The royal carriage. So it can be on the ice, not subject to any site restrictions, can take two adults and two children, the largest bearing of up to four hundred G, and has a radar anti-collision function, can detect obstacles in front of the automatic brake, is a relatively high-end car, glass fiber reinforced plastic material, steel structure, pneumatic tyre, there are four 20 Ann amd battery, 48 large pay five hundred w brushless motor, speed of one hundred music freely exchange, has 7 colour cool light, high reflection fox neon lights at night is very beautiful. Launched by the square of new and old customers like to booking, is also the best choice for many operators or investors.

the royal carriage configuration tables: size: 220 ~ 100 ~ 110 quality: 150 kg weight: 200 kg shell: strengthen the glass fiber reinforced plastic, weather resistance car paint. Brushless motor: 48 pay gear efficient 500 - watt motor controller: 48 pay 500 w brushless 3 generation of LCD controller battery: amd 20 a * 4 brake: efficient electronic brake, loose feet or stop lights: dazzle colour lamp add neon with high reflective tyre: high wear-resisting rubber explosion-proof tire color: phnom penh tinted bumper: 50 gb stainless steel pipe start-up system: remote control key dual boot time Settings: 1 - Before and after 60 minutes of free time collision: with collision avoidance radar

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