12 of the world\'s best water parks

Some of us are lucky enough to live in the rogue balloon range of the best beaches in the world.
Some of us can go boating on the biggest waves on a whim.
For those of us who live inland, or prefer something less salty, there is still some joy of water in the form of the best water park in the world. 1. Aquatica (
Orlando, Florida)
Obviously a huge wave pool is not enough for the team behind the water dish, so they built two side by side.
In other places, Dolphins take passengers on white water skiing
Knuckles ride through dolphins
The vibrant aquarium and riders bravely took on the series of sinks and funnels that exploded in Omaka Rocca.
The beach is covered with 1,360 tons of soft white sand and the South China Sea --
Inspired gardens with more than 60,000 plants.
Top American Water Park 2.
Water Park (Dubai, UAE)
As of 2013, the Middle East Water Park has the widest waterslide in the world and the longest river tour in the Middle East (2.
3 kilometers in length)
And the longest zip line in the Middle East.
Other attractions of the park include several 2,296-kilometer water roller coasters. foot-long (700 meters)
Private beach and shark lagoon where visitors can manuallyfeed rays. 3. Area 47 (
Innsbrook, Austria)
The location of this outdoor water park is alpine lake, starting from April to the end of September.
Water rides, diving towers and water and electricity facilities are available. speed slide.
There is a high on land.
Rope routes, swing of bridges and climbing walls. 4. Beach Park (
Fortaleza, Brazil)
Insano at Beach Park is the tallest and fastest water slide in the world.
The most famous scenic spot in Beach Park is Insano, the highest Park in the world.
135 feet/41 mand fastest (65 mph/104 kph)water slide.
It\'s also Petrochemical. it\'s half a giant. pipe slide.
Young visitors can see a huge top
Themed play area or Acqua Show with water gun, sync water spray and eight water slides for children only.
Porto Danas Beach Park, Fortaleza, Brazil;
55 4012 30005. Caribbean Bay (Gyeonggi-(Korea)
In this South Korean water park, you will find four circular water slides and a huge wave pool, as well as more traditional attractions such as the hot spring pool.
Tired visitors can take a nap in one of the bedrooms of the water park, where there is pure air and energy carved bedsboosting jade. 6. Siam Park (Tenerife, Spain
Siam Park is a Thai hotel
Tenerife Island theme water park.
The most popular attractions in the park are 91-foot-high (27 meters)
The Tower of Power, riders descend vertically before crossing the aquarium full of stingray fish and sharks.
In the park\'s wave pool, a lazy river and surf course offers a little more peaceful activity. 7.
Tropical Islands (
Krausnick, Germany)
Set in the greatest freedom
Station Hall in the world-
The building was originally built as a hangar for the spacecraft. -
The tropical island can accommodate 6,000 visitors a day and has one of the largest indoor swimming pools in the world, covering an area of 656 feet square meters (200 meters)in length.
There are 50,000 plants in the rainforest away from the water, as well as hotels and nightclubs.
Maybe even a balloon ride--
Did not walk outside. 8.
Water Cube Water Park (Beijing)
It looks as interesting as riding a bike. www. whitewaterwest.
It looks as fun as riding a bike. www. whitewaterwest.
The amusement facilities of the Water Cube water park are designed overseas and transported overseas.
Highlights include funnel-
The shape of the tornado tour, water slides and bullet bowls, where riders shoot a closed slide into a huge bowl.
Visitors should pay attention to the huge jellyfish and bubble clouds hanging from the ceiling. 9.
Water Park (
Ayanapa, Cyprus)
Bubble parties are not the only way to cool down in Ayia Napa.
The theme of the water world water park is Greece. There are many pillars and Trojans-
Monument in shape
There are Greek ruins, geysers and shipwrecks in the wave pool of Poseidon, and the Odyssey River has broken stone columns and vertigo --
The aid tour of Atlanta shot passengers from a huge Roman temple. 10. Wet \'n Wild (
Orlando, Florida)
Tourists are spoiled at Wet\'n Wild.
Except for all kinds of screaming-
Water rides, there\'s a huge sand castle-
Theme children\'s area (
Florida\'s largest family water park is reported)
A wave pool and drifting River.
One of the most popular rides is the Disco h20.
The four passengers
Accompanied by disco balls and flashing lights, the tube ride floats to the popular soundtrack of 1970. 11.
World Water Park (Alberta, Canada)
Canada\'s own greenhouse effect.
World Water Park in West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, second in the world
The largest indoor water park with 2 indoor wave pools in the world.
7 million gallons of water
Attractions include a circular water slide and Blue Thunder, a bungee jumping tower hanging from the wave pool. 12.
Yas Water World (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
The Yas Water World opened in 2013 with 43 rides and attractions, including five unique water slides designed for the park.
Including the world\'s first hydropower company, Dawwama. magnetic-
Electric water skiing (the hydro-
Magnetic Technology provides a longer, smoother journey, according to the manufacturer)
And 1,804 of the robber bombers. foot-long (550-meter)water coaster.
Visitors can hang ten on the world\'s largest FlowBarrel surf simulator or rotate on the Liwa Loop ---
The only water slide in the Middle East.
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