You can choose proper aqua park according to your water area, water depth, expected capacity and budget.


If this is the 1st time that you open an inflatable floating water park and do not have enough experience in operating the aqua park, for safe investment reason, we suggest you buy a medium sized park at the beginning and enlarge in the future if it’s necessary. If you want to enlarge the aqua park in the future, please tell our sales representative, then we will make necessary connect system accordingly when manufacturing. You can choose medium sized water park from left “medium inflatable aqua park” list.


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If you have rich experience and knowledge on water inflatable park and the number of tourists is also not a problem for you, we recommend you to choose the giant inflatable water park.Because big parks are more exciting and attractive for visitors. You can choose from left “giant inflatable water park” list.

Most our inflatable water park sets require minimum 2.5m deep water. If your water depth is less than 2.5m, please tell us, then we can choose proper items and designyou’re your shallow water.


Mini inflatable water parks are suitable for swimming pool or other shallow water area.